Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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    Pittsburgh Mass Synagogue Shooting

    PITTSBURGH | Saturday witnessed mass shootings at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA killing eleven innocent lives. The ant- Semitic sentiment behind the killing is an important reminder of intolerance growing in the US.

    Living Amidst Fear: The Tyranny of Power

    VIEWPOINT In this penetrating piece the author has reflected on the implications of the all-pervading psychology of fear; yet, as he indicates, nothing can eradicate the human will to resist the tyranny of power. Avijit Pathak 

    Inclusive Mathematics Education – A reality or a distant dream?

    For many students Mathematics is a subject to be feared but will a constructive and sensitive approach to the discipline help make the discipline suitable to the needs of various students?

    A Word for the Parents

    AN OPEN LETTER TO  PARENTS The Board examinations are near and so are the anxieties, fear and dilemmas of children and guardians - amidst this...

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