Saturday, June 19, 2021


    It’s Time For Kosovo To Secure Its True Independence

    It’s time for the political leaders in Kosovo to provide a clear, cohesive, and consistent socio-economic and political program to put Kosovo on the path of recovery and progress and become a truly independent state.

    Nobel Peace Prize spotlights the links between hunger and conflict

    The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the United Nations World Food Program for its efforts to combat hunger, foster conditions for...

    Yoshihide Suga – who is the man set to be Japan’s next prime minister?

    Former prime minister Shinzo Abe’s resignation last month due to illness was a surprise. But once the leadership contest was declared, 71-year-old Suga - the chief cabinet secretary - was widely expected to be Japan’s next prime minister.

    The Serbia-Kosovo Agreement and Why it Falls Short Of Ending the Conflict

    Serbia must come to terms with the irreversible reality of Kosovo as an independent state and acknowledge that there is nothing it can do to change that reality.

    The Inevitable Emergence Of An Israeli-Arab Alliance

    The Israeli-Arab alliance will become an irreversible reality and will serve not only the Arab states’ collective national security interest, but the promise of security, prosperity, and peace.

    Myanmar’s election, the Rohingya crisis and the road to democracy

    Five years after they voted in their first free and fair elections for quarter of a century, the people of Myanmar will go to...

    Belarus, explained: How Europe’s last dictator could fall

    Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko has a reputation as a master tactician. It is well-earned: Since 1994, he has balanced the former Soviet state’s relations...

    Sending international students home would sap US influence and hurt the economy

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, made a decision on July 6 regarding international students in the U.S. that will affect far more...

    Xi Jinping becomes first Chinese leader to visit Nepal in 23 years

    China and Nepal signed 20 agreements which included trade, infrastructure and security deals during the two-day visit.

    Bangladesh, Nepal Rank Better than India on Global Hunger Index

    Global Hunger Index ranks India at 102 out of 117 countries.

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