Sunday, June 13, 2021


    Do We Really Need to Walk for Science?

    While hundreds of Indian scientists will join the March for Science on August 9th, will it really be the answer for rapid cutdown on research funding, propagation of religious bigotry and irrationality in the contemporary times?

    The Next Decade Can be the Most Important in Human History

    The impending ecological crisis demands the immediate attention of the global community.

    The Himalayan Ice-Caps Are Melting Fast, Thanks to Global Warming

    The radical findings of a report on climate change and the Himalayas reveal that one-third of the Himalayan ice-cap will be gone by 2100, even if drastic mitigating measures are implemented.

    Dear America, Keep Safe from the Brutal Chills and Let Us Be Safe Too

    The polar Vortex has led to extreme climatic conditions in America but can we rescue planet earth from the grips of global warming if developed economies like America and China don’t drastically reduce their carbon footprints and adopt an ecologically sustainable model of development?

    The Global Climate Change and the Threats to Oceanic Life

    CLIMATE CHANGE The earth’s mass extinction occurred some 250 million years ago and caused the disappearance of 90% marine life and damaged the planet to a great degree, it is feared by the scientists that unprecedented use of the earth’s resources may land us in a similar situation today.

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