Saturday, September 26, 2020


    A Journey to Reclaim My Connectivity With Nature

    Here is an inspiring journey in times of the pandemic that puts many questions before us all and compels us to think about our lives in these unique times.

    Nepal is caught in the middle of India-China border tensions

    Amid the latest tensions between India and China, Nepal is furious that its own border dispute with India could be sidelined.
    Climate Change Vulnerabilities in the Himalayan Region

    Everest is closed – enforced hiatus will help its environment recover but hit a...

    Jane Markova, a tourism guide from Russia who brings tourist groups to trek in the Everest region twice a year, says that although she has lost this season’s income, she acknowledges that Everest’s environment has shown signs of distress, and will now have time to “detox”.

    Why Several Beautiful Villages Like Mangoti Nande Ka Thara Are Badly Endangered Today

    The widening of the highway was very badly planned , fragile hills were so badly disturbed by heavy machinery and so many trees were indiscriminately axed that idyllic villages turned into zones of recurring ugly landslides and potential big disasters.

    Sarla Behn – Gandhi’s Comrade, Social Reformer and an Ardent Environmentalist

    Sarla Behn was by origin a British lady who lived in Kausani, Uttarakhand and dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of the families of Indian freedom fighters and to the conservation of the Himalayan ecology.

    My Journey, My Book, My Prayer…

    Here is the enchanting narrative of a journey - beyond the spectacle of the tourism industry.

    When You Hear the Call of the Mountains

    EXPLORATION A trip to the scenic mountains does not only calm the senses but also falls as nectar on our parched souls. Here is an account of a recent trip that some research scholars from JNU undertook to Ramgarh. It is also a retelling of the profound lessons learnt and the ways in which the trip encouraged self-discovery among a host of other things.

    The Himalayan Ice-Caps Are Melting Fast, Thanks to Global Warming

    The radical findings of a report on climate change and the Himalayas reveal that one-third of the Himalayan ice-cap will be gone by 2100, even if drastic mitigating measures are implemented.

    My City, My Himalayan Village and Narratives of Existence

    In this remarkably sensitive piece the author has reflected on the meaning of his journey towards a Himalayan village, his relationship with the vitality of the city, and his existential quest.

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