Friday, May 7, 2021

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    China is becoming increasingly assertive – security law in Hong Kong is just the...

    China’s enforcement of a new security law in Hong Kong marks the de facto end of the “one country, two systems” model that came...

    Hong Kong Protest: Hundreds of People Arrested for Protesting Against Controversial Security Law

    The newly passed national security law applies to everyone who speaks or protests against China or Hong Kong authorities.After the passing of the controversial...

    China Claims its New Security Law Will Act as a “Sword” Over Lawbreakers’ Heads

    Will China’s new security law curb freedom and political resistance in the semi-autonomous city of Hong-Kong?

    Is there hope for a Hong Kong revolution?

    Historians have long argued that revolutions are built not on deep misery but on rising expectations.

    Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement Enters 14th Consecutive Week

    Hong Kong continues to undergo a socio-political turmoil as citizens continue to protest against the proposed extradition bill while also demanding for a democratic government in Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong Protests Against Extradition Bill, Many Injured

    Protests have been going on in Hong-Kong against a controversial extradition bill. The protests have sustained for over twelve weeks.

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