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Migrant Workers

COVID-19 Has Paved Way for a Heightened Threat of Reverse Migration

With towns and cities drying up of employment amid the pandemic, reverse migration has made its arrival clear before authorities.

Sending international students home would sap US influence and hurt the economy

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, made a decision on July 6 regarding international students in the U.S. that will affect far more...
detention centre texas america

COVID-19 Cases at One Texas Immigration Detention Center Soared in a Matter of Days....

Nationwide, there are nearly 800 confirmed cases inside immigration detention centers. More than 1 in 4 of those cases are in Texas.

As states weigh human lives versus the economy, history suggests the economy often wins

Whether it’s a plague or pandemic, the story tends to remain the same, with the quest for profits eventually prevailing over concerns for human health.
immigration in india

Caste and its Implications on Migration Patterns in India

In times of enhanced mobility and growth of the labour market, caste based migration continues to be an important determining force.

Refugee Children Stamped at US-Mexico Border

US-MEXICO BORDER The stamping of migrant children at the US-Mexico border has reminded the world of the atrocities of the Nazi camps and appealed for a reworking of the US’s migration policy.

Migration and Violence in Gujarat

GUJARAT Several migrant workers from the non-Gujarati speaking belt have been compelled to flee Gujarat in the context of grave violence against migratory labour in the state.
rohingya refugee

The People without a homeland: Deporting the Rohingya Back to Myanmar

Seven Rohingya refugees who were held in imprisonment since 2012, by the Indian state on the grounds of illegal migration, were deported back to Myanmar on Thursday, after the Supreme Court rejected their plea to stay back in India as they fear being killed in Myanmar.

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