Thursday, June 30, 2022


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Living the Life of an “Orphan”: The Pathology of Being a Migrant Labourer in...

An inadequately executed plan for the migrant class, the dilution of critical labour laws and the economic hardships to life and livelihood have brought the existence of India’s migrant workers into the dark dens of negligence and state apathy.
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Workers’ Unions Oppose Extension of Factory Working Hours in Karnataka

After drastic exemptions in labour laws in order to encourage investment , Karnataka government plans to elongate working hours in its factories.
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Trade Unions Call for Nationwide Protest Amid Aggressive Alterations to Existing Labour Laws and...

Extensive changes in the labour laws and large scale unemployment have taken a toll on the lives of millions of Indian migrant workers.

Altered Labour Law: Lynching the Rights of Indian Workers

Will Indian workers lose their rights under the changes introduced in the prevalent labour laws?

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