Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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    The Pathology of Online Education in a Hierarchical Society like India

    A steady internet connection, decent availability of space and parental support make online education a welcome proposition for the children of the elite, but what about the others?

    Expanding the Parameters of Learning beyond Fixed Notions

    Individuals have different potentials and standardized markers cannot determine their talents. We need a system of education that acknowledges and builds on the diverse ways in which individuals are gifted.

    English as Empowerment? Karnataka’s Answer is Bilingual Classrooms

    Karnataka government schools strike balance between Kannada and English as mediums of instruction.

    Reliving the Microcosm of India inside the University

    From humble homes to a gigantic metropolis, the University of Delhi opens up a microcosm of Indian diversity before its students.

    Critical Beings or Technocrats: Positivism in Social Science Classrooms

    As classrooms becoming distant from realty, students will emerge as technocrats but would fail to embrace a multiplicity socio-cultural perspective.

    Decadence of Studentship and the Need to Rethink Our Classrooms

    With the decadence of an informed and active studentship, the university space is fast losing its liberating character.

    The Much Needed Reform in Education

    Being a central force, education needs to renew itself to meet the challenges of a new social order.

    ‘Toxic Parenting’ Snatches Away Childhoods: John Marsden Enlightens Us

    Over indulgent parenting is toxic rather than enabling, educationist John Marsden’s new book ‘The Art of Growing Up’ is truly a mani-festo for the contemporary times.

    The Process of Teaching and Learning: The mistakes one makes!

    BOOK REVIEW Teaching Tales Learning Trails takes you on a journey of self-discovery through the hustle-bustle in the classroom to the dilemmas in the teacher’s mind. The stories in the book are sure to encourage a thought provoking debate on the altering contours of education and the practice of teaching-learning in our classrooms.

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