Thursday, May 6, 2021

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    Indigenous India and the Question of Climate Change

    The questions revolving around the complex issues of climate change cannot be fully understood if we negate the critical role played by indigenous communities in fostering and shaping an ecologically sustainable world.

    Unemployment in the Age of Automation

    RUTHLESS TECHNOCRACY While robots and smart machines may soon take away most of our jobs, the striking challenges of unemployment and entrenched poverty that are faced by a nation like India may remind us of the precedence of social justice over a stubborn drive for automation.

    Unemployment in India and Robots at Airports

    Airports in India will have robots to assist flyers. In a nation in which unemployment is a great issue, will restless mechanisation lead to inequality?

    Robots Takeover Healthcare by 2025 in Japan

    PARADOX OF OUR AGE In an aging society like Japan, it is proposed that the major chunk of caregiving work for the elderly will be provided for by specially designed robots by 2025. Can human touch and presence be replaced by programmed computers even of the most sophisticate nature?

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