Thursday, June 30, 2022


Single-Use Face Masks Will Bring Up an Unprecedented Waste Crisis Impacting the Ecology Forever

The ecological implications of the unprecedented usage of single-use masks will be massive and without a conscious effort on behalf of the global community, the pandemic will have far reaching consequences.

Face mask rules: do they really violate personal liberty?

  Several hundred people assembled in London’s Hyde Park in July 2020 to protest rules making face masks mandatory in shops and supermarkets to help...

Witness Recreation Redefined as ‘Oxygen Chamber’ Opens in Delhi

Huda City Centre has recently witnessed the opening up of a brand new ‘Oxygen Chamber’ where visitors can enjoy fresh air and buy environment friendly plants and furniture. In the absence of collective action and the lure of privatized solutions- will Delhi ultimately be reduced into a war-zone? Niharika Mathur

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