Friday, May 7, 2021

    Tag: Mount Everest

    Climate Change Vulnerabilities in the Himalayan Region

    Everest is closed – enforced hiatus will help its environment recover but hit a...

    Jane Markova, a tourism guide from Russia who brings tourist groups to trek in the Everest region twice a year, says that although she has lost this season’s income, she acknowledges that Everest’s environment has shown signs of distress, and will now have time to “detox”.

    Muri Linggi: A Mother of Three Children Scales Mount Everest

    Despite being a mother of three children, her dedication and passion for trekking have made Muri Linggi’s life worthy of adulation and inspiration.

    No Height is Unconquerable as Four Children from Chandrapur Climb Mount Everest

    Four tribal students from Maharashtra embarked upon a trek to Mount Everest and their success brings immense optimism.

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