Sunday, May 29, 2022


Understanding the Nuances of Children’s Play Amid the Pandemic

Confined and limited to the four walls of the household, adults have to play a constructive role in making life beautiful for children during the pandemic.

What are the Benefits of Learning as a Parent?

An educated and learned set of parents is an asset to children as it forms the premise for a well-rounded, holistic and meaningful growing up process.

Why grandparents should talk to children about the natural world of their youth

How often do you strike up a conversation with an older relative about the past? You might switch off when someone begins a sentence...

Parenting at the time of a pandemic/ Don’t Romanticize Parenthood

In this series on parenting at the time of a pandemic, Priya Naik narrates her engagement with her two children, and reflects--with a critical insight- on the meaning of being a mother at a time when the discourse of 'new-age parenting' is filled with an 'egoistic celebration of children'.

Parenting at the time of a pandemic/ A Journey Inwards

In this series on 'parenting at the time of a pandemic', a mother recalls her moments with her daughter, and reflects on the process of rediscovering the world together: from online learning to the treasure within.

Most white parents don’t talk about racism with their kids

Report shows that among white respondents, 65% said their parents had “never” or “rarely” had conversations with them about racism when they were children.

Tips for Secular Parenting in Communal Times

Growing social fragmentation and communal disharmony may be challenging for the cultivation of a secular-democratic childhood, here is how we can still achieve it.

‘Toxic Parenting’ Snatches Away Childhoods: John Marsden Enlightens Us

Over indulgent parenting is toxic rather than enabling, educationist John Marsden’s new book ‘The Art of Growing Up’ is truly a mani-festo for the contemporary times.

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