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Facilitating Dialogue through the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’

Can the 'Theatre of the Oppressed' be utilised as a tool in the classroom? This article explores this interesting proposition in pedagogy

Pedagogy/Relevance of Education from Gandhi, Freire and Dewey’s Perspective

The educational discourse of Gandhi, Freire and Dewey remind us of the multi-faceted debates on the meaning and significance of education in the society.

Teaching as the Act of Transgression

The twenty first century has brought with itself tremendous challenges before the educational community. The education of the future must be one that unites the intellect and the heart and for this it is time that innovative practices must not just be conceptualized but also brought into implementation. Samhita K

Redefining Education as the Quest for Freedom: the Relevance of Critical Pedagogy in the...

Paulo Freire occupies a significant place in any discussion on critical pedagogy. Here is a piece that explores the relevance of his ideas in our times.

Education as a Tool for Critical Consciousness: Situating Paulo Freire in Contemporary Times ...

Education as a Tool for Critical Consciousness: Situating Paulo Freire in Contemporary Times It is difficult not to be touched by Paulo Freire. His remarkably penetrating...

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