Saturday, January 29, 2022


Birds Eating Hundreds of Plastic Pieces Every Day

Research Points at Birds Eating Hundreds of Plastic Pieces Every Day

Insects and birds living close to river banks are found to have plastic ingestion, this is a matter of concern for the global community because it points towards a disturbed food chain and its inherent dangers.

Video / PM Modi’s Mamallipuram Cleanliness Drive Amid Environmental Crisis Across India

PM Modi’s Mamallipuram Beach Walk at a Time when from Aarey Forest to Narmada Valley, the Indian Ecology is in Deep Crisis

India bans all Solid Plastic Waste Imports in Significant Ecological Move

ENVIRONMENT India has ordered the complete ban on solid plastic waste imports in a target towards making the nation solid-plastic free by 2020.  The availability of alternatives accompanied by the support of citizens will enable India to achieve its targets.

Single Use Plastic Banned by the European Union: Lessons we Must Learn

ENVIRONMENT In an unprecedented welcome step, the European Parliament approved a ban on single-use plastics. The decision of the parliament makes it important for nations throughout the world to acknowledge the gravity of the matter and cut down their use of plastic.

We Have More Than 100 Bits of Plastic in Food

Household dust can have plastic content that people consume.

Plastic: The Bitter Truth of Human Intellect and Technocratic Progress

Globally 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year and less than 10% of the total quantity is adequately recycled. A large chunk of the plastic produced finds its way into the oceans and water bodies causing immense damage to multiple natural resources. Plastics are causing a damage that is irreversible and devastating to life on our planet. We however continue to witness the global investment in plastic production growing by multiple times, amidst this situation how should we strike the sustainable balance?

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