Monday, April 19, 2021

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    The government will have to play a key role in the administration and implementation of the COVID-19 Vaccine in India to democratise its benefits and outreach.

    Reforms to Play Critical Role in Effective Vaccine Strategy

    For vaccines to make their important and useful contribution, their use must be based on rationality and scientific facts as well as acceptance of short-term and longer-term public good over narrow selfish interests 

    The Indian Journalistic Community is in an Unprecedented Need for Solidarity

    The article reflects on the sustained onslaught on the media and the need for an urgent and active expression against the victimisation of the journalist community in the country.
    The political poster being referred to in this article

    Looking into the Political Graft of AIADMK and BJP in Tamil Nadu

    The article interestingly unfolds the complex dynamics being played out by the political graft of the BJP and the AIDMK in the politics of Tamil Nadu.
    Tribal rights activist Stan Swamy

    NIA Alleges Stan Swamy Participated in ‘Deep-rooted Conspiracy’, Refuses Bail Plea

    The National Investigation Agency or the NIA has gone ahead and opposed the bail plea of arrested activist and tribal rights champion Stan Swamy.

    Why the Government Should Take Immediate Steps to Resolve the Demands of Protesting Farmers

    The farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have come together and collected at the Capital to stage a protest against the contentious farm laws which they allege are against the interests of the farming community in India.

    Ambedkar vs. Hindu Nationalism: The Politics of Appropriation

    When the Indian Constitution was adopted in January 1950, B.R. Ambedkar stated that India was entering a life of contradictions for he believed that political equality alone is not a sufficient condition for social and economic democracy.

    Jharkhand Tribal Rights Activist Stan Swamy Arrested in Elgar Parishad Case

    The latest in the series of arrests in the Elgar Parishad Case by the NIA is that of 83-year old tribal rights activist Stan Swamy from Jharkhand.

    Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest-serving leader, leaves office a diminished figure with an unfulfilled legacy

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ended weeks of speculation about the state of his health by announcing his surprise resignation today. The 65-year-old Abe was...

    Ram Gopal Verma Stirs Fresh Controversy by Announcing Film on Republic TV Head, Titling...

    Director Ram Gopal Verma’s latest tweet reveals that he intends to make his next film on Republic TV head Arnab Goswami after he called out industry veterans and blamed them for nepotism and death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

    When a winner becomes a loser: Winston Churchill was kicked out of office in...

    The end of World War II in Europe and the defeat of Hitler and Nazi Germany in early May 1945 turned British Prime Minister...

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