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George Floyd

Assassinations that Refuse to Die : Unravelling Tragedies which changed the History of United...

Three assassinations in the recent history of United Nations which changed the course of its social and political life, here is a detailed reading.

Understanding the Predicament of Afghanistan: The Need to Look Deeply

From fiction to news Afghanistan has always attracted public attention but given its unique political trajectory, can we understand the predicament of its people sensitively?

126 Nobel Laureates Issue Timely Warning on Crucial Issues, Fail to Address Significant...

The article discusses the recent statement issued by several noted Nobel Laureates of the world.
Corn is the staple crop of Mexico/Pixabay

Mexico’s Difficulties in Protecting Safety of Its Food System Should Be An Eye-Opener For...

The hardships that Mexico is facing in producing its staple crop corn shall be a reminder of the challenges that all similar economies may face in the future.

India’s crisis deepens, but vaccine sharing is yet to materialise

As India faces a rapidly growing case count, countries around the world are donating supplies and money. However, donations of vaccines to India have been less forthcoming, despite calls for countries with high vaccination rates to share their supplies

The Pandemic, an Unfair Evaluation System and What Plagues our Educational Institutions

The teaching-learning community is among the worst affected sections amid the pandemic, what adds to their woes is an often indifferent evaluation and assessment system. Isn't it high time we redefine education to be more sensitive and in tune with the needs of the learning community?
A coed private school classroom in Kabul, September 2019. Girls’ education is still restricted in Taliban-controlled areas. Scott Peterson/Getty Images

Women in Afghanistan worry peace accord with Taliban extremists could cost them hard-won rights

Outspoken critics of the Taliban’s undemocratic vision of peace have often been threatened or killed, will this continue to compromise on women's access to rights in the future?

Reforms to Play Critical Role in Effective Vaccine Strategy

For vaccines to make their important and useful contribution, their use must be based on rationality and scientific facts as well as acceptance of short-term and longer-term public good over narrow selfish interests 

The Indian Journalistic Community is in an Unprecedented Need for Solidarity

The article reflects on the sustained onslaught on the media and the need for an urgent and active expression against the victimisation of the journalist community in the country.
The political poster being referred to in this article

Looking into the Political Graft of AIADMK and BJP in Tamil Nadu

The article interestingly unfolds the complex dynamics being played out by the political graft of the BJP and the AIDMK in the politics of Tamil Nadu.

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