Monday, May 23, 2022

Tag: RTE

RTE Must Align with the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act: Report

A recent report by UNESCO and TISS reminds us of social and educational hostilities towards children with disabilities in India.

School Teachers Freed From Non- Educational Duties outside RTE Act

Duties that are not in the ambit of the RTE will no more be pressed upon teachers and principals. This is a positive step taken by a High Court order, in a context where non-academic duties distract, detract and deflect the teacher.

The No- Detention Policy and the fate of education for the marginalized in India

The No-Detention Policy is likely to be dropped at the elementary school level according to a recent government proposal. In a cultural milieu where educational opportunities are already scarce for the marginalized in general and for the girl child in particular, the repercussions that this is likely to have are drastic.

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