Sunday, March 7, 2021

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    A Call to End the Violence of Ninety-nine Percent

    Delhi University admission 2017 : We are aware of the fact that every year the same set of rituals unfold as Delhi University opens up for admissions. The Delhi third cutoff list is out and yet 90% score is the criteria for admissions. This is nothing but the sheer revelation of the contemporary education system that gives central importance to marks alone and does not allow for any importance to be given to other faculties of the learner. It is indeed a paradox.

    School Admissions: A Matter of Choosing Education over Lifestyle

    India faces an annual crisis in school admissions with the growing demand for seats in ‘good’ schools. The statistics however reveal that there are enough schools across the country to accommodate each child but many remain vacant because of poor infrastructure or reputation. What then is ‘good ‘education, and is it necessarily affluent/elitist in nature? What do we choose when we select a school ? Is it the education or is it a lifestyle?

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