Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Activist Kamla Bhasin/Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Biding Adieu to Kamla Bhasin : A Feminist Visionary who Combined Kindness with a...

The passing away of feminist thinker-activist and poet Kamla Bhasin has left an unrepairable void in the domain of gender, her works will continue to be cherished. 

Sex or Gender: How Society Conditions us and Makes us Conform 

Society often compels us to confirm to mainstream perceptions of gender identities. But can we think differently?
porn needs careful regulations

Why Your Addiction to Porn is More than a Disease

MATTER OF CONCERN Unrestricted accessibility of pornographic content leads to sexual violence that disrupts the very fabric of society. We live in a world where not only is the need for restriction over porn crucial but also fundamental for the wellbeing of society. Bharat Dogra

Supreme Court Verdict Declares Sex with Minor Wife Illegal

Child marriage is a social evil that despite legal steps continues to haunt Indian society. The landmark judgment of the Supreme Court that designates sexual intercourse below the age of eighteen years as rape may be a fruitful turning point towards the eradication of the social evil. But will legislation alone be able to transform our collective outlooks?

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