Monday, June 27, 2022

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Critical Beings or Technocrats: Positivism in Social Science Classrooms

As classrooms becoming distant from realty, students will emerge as technocrats but would fail to embrace a multiplicity socio-cultural perspective.

In a Neo-Liberal Age, What a degree in the Social Sciences Can Mean

With the hegemony of the Neo-liberal market discourse, what do the fields of Humanities and social sciences hold for the next generation?

Undemocratic Texts within a Democracy: A Pedagogic Critique on the Onslaught on NCERT

Pedagogic critiques on the current political regime’s denial of democratic voices can be viewed in the light of recent chapter cuts in NCERT textbooks.

Teachers as Catalysts

In conversation with The New Leam Rudolf C. Heredia- a distinguished social scientist-has reflected on the philosophy of education, pedagogic practices and the possibility of alternative forms of learning.

JNU and the Stubbornness of the Aloof Vice-Chancellor

JNU as a university has nurtured generations of students from marginalised communities. Will bureaucratic aloofness bring forward a sustained challenge before the prospects of higher education?

Social Sciences in India and the Glimpses of Critical Thought By Prof. Avijit Pathak

Social Sciences in India and the Glimpses of Critical Thought Modernity, development, morality—these are important issues that continue to strike our imagination. And when a...

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