Monday, July 4, 2022

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Sri Aurobindo on the Ideal of Human Unity

The need for Human Unity is the deepest spiritual needs which makes it almost a future necessity and yet the way to it is fraught by many dangers given the complexity of the present nature of humanity. - Sri Aurobindo.

The Light of Awakening

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. Here is a small note written by the editorial team. The aim is to invite the readers to the world of Sri Aurobindo—particularly, the insights with which he sought to change our perceptions of education.

A Search for a Deeper Sense of Connectedness

VIEWPOINT  Modern knowledge systems often emphasise the distant, the rational, the tangible, the manifest and do not give us the opportunity to dissolve binaries and form a connectedness with all living beings. It is this quest that the author wishes to illuminate upon. Monica Gupta

The Process of Psychic Evolution

SPIRITUAL CORNER It is not easy to come out of the trap of tamasic dullness or rajastic intoxication. However, life , as Sri Aurobindo revealed in his brilliant interpretation of the Bhagavadgita, needs sattwic consciousness to find its true meaning and purpose. Sri Aurobindo

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