Saturday, September 18, 2021


Ramayana Train

Another Step to Woo Voters: Ramayana Themed Train Soon on Tracks

New Ramayana themed train to be on Indian tracks soon. This is a new move to cash upon the Hindu vote bank and please them.

Ready to lose life but not land for the bullet train, say Maharashtra’s farmers...

288 seats of Maharashtra’s legislative assembly are going to elections on October 21, 2019. Many villagers, who have not even allowed the bullet train authorities inside their village, said politicians are also not welcome.

Are We Willing to Learn a Lesson or Two from the Amritsar Railway Massacre?

A train tore through festivities in Amritsar where a large crowd had gathered to celebrate Dusshera near the railway tracks. There are innumerable lessons that the tragic story leaves us with ranging from the vital importance of precautionary and regulatory vigilance and crowd control methods, without which we shall not be able to avert such crisis.

Ideas and Innovation Transform Mysuru Government School

Teachers from a remote school in Haropura, Mysuru have taken the initiative to transform the school building into a train like structure attracting students like a magnet and thus resolving the problem of dropouts.

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