Friday, July 10, 2020

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    Palestine and Israel

    Are Israel And Palestine the Architects of Their Own Destruction?

    As Israel celebrates the 72nd anniversary of its independence, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues as neither side seems to have learned anything from the seven decades-old conflict between them.

    Children without Childhoods on a War-torn Globe

    From Yemen and Palestine to Myanmar and Africa, wars have denied children the right to enjoy their childhoods in recent years. Why do innocent children have to bear the brunt of conflicts incited by mighty nation-states?

    Can Wars be Averted in Future?

    Successful banning of weapons of mass destruction, targeting the root cause of cross-border conflict and a global bent towards peace may be important steps in averting war.

    The Politics of Public Opinion and Popular Narrative in the Aftermath of National War-...

    In the context of the Pulwama attack and the war-mongering in the aftermath of the deadly attack, it is important to contemplate upon the instigative and irresponsible role played by the media.  The building of a responsible public opinion is one of media’s key responsibilities which it seems to have negated over the recent weeks.

    All we want is War; all we need is the Media

    Crying is an ultimate bridge, be it between India and Pakistan, Palestine and Israel, or Kashmir and rest of India. If we can hear the crying, we don’t need any media to tell us what to feel about our nation.

    The Requirement of Peace and Sanity amidst Hysteria and Warmongering

    The communal cleavages of the generation exacerbated by new forms of media and fostered by the frustrations inherent in the neo-liberal regime are being utilised to serve the purpose of militant and chauvinistic nationalism in the aftermath of the Phulwama attacks.

    The Politics of Cross Border Conflict between India and Pakistan

    INDIA-PAKISTAN CONFLICT The Phulwama attack has unleashed a tense situation in the nation and highlighted the need for a sustained answer to the India-Pakistan conflict. The war of words between the ruling and the Opposition parties has also raised questions on the politicization of war in recent times in the nation.

    Challenges of Intolerance and War are Crucial to Education in Our Times

    BRINGING UP CHILDREN The challenges of bringing up our children in an increasingly turbulent world demand that parents and educators throughout the world unite and strive for ways to inculcate peace and brotherhood across the world.

    Neglected and Deprived, the World’s Injustice for Yemen

    YEMEN CRISIS The Yemen crisis has had a long standing implication on the lives of Yemenis who are having difficulty in even ensuring that their children don’t starve to death. It’s time for world politics to take charge of the situation and enable Yemenis to lead a better life.

    Middle- East as a Contested Terrain and the Emergent Humanitarian Crisis

    WORLD Yemen has been at the centre stage of conflict for over three years and the devastating condition of its people demands the immediate interest of the global community for restoring peace and democratic values in the contested terrain.

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