Friday, May 20, 2022


Water sustainability leads to better income for Jharkhand farmers

The farmers in Gumla and Simdega districts of Jharkhand were suffering from severe water crisis and soil erosion till a few years ago.

Water Samples Across State Capitals Unfit for Drinking

A recently concluded study conducted by the government made an interesting revelation when it found out that it was only Mumbai among all the state capitals that was providing consumable drinking tap water.

Arsenic Contamination of Water Resources in India: A Major Roadblock to Universal Health

Water contaminated by arsenic endangers hundreds of lives every year in India and is a pivotal concern for the wellbeing of its citiznes.

The Looming Danger of Drought, Can this Disaster be Averted?

Drought warning has been released in states like Maharashtra and Rajasthan, but amidst the cacophony of elections will this agony of the grassroots be neglected once again?

Clean Drinking Water Continues to be a Distant Dream in India

THE BRIEFING The National Rural Drinking Water Programme has failed.  And it is indeed a matter of great disillusionment for a nation whose population suffers every single day to have access to clean and non-polluted water.

No Drinking Water and Toilets in More than 50% Schools across the World: UNICEF...

REPORTAGE | A joint report by the UNICEF and the WHO has revealed the appalling situation in our schools, where 900 million children do not have access to safe drinking water globally. It reminds us yet again of the risk that is inflicted on children due to the sheer negligence of governments globally.

The Niti Ayog Declares India Facing Worst Water Crisis in History

REPORTAGE | It was an engaging report released by NITI Ayog that states that India is facing historically the ‘worst’ water crisis that generated great public discussion on the essential requirement for adequate initiatives.

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