Monday, June 27, 2022


The Impact of Bell Hooks : Education as the Practice of Freedom

The New Leam believes that here in our country students and teachers ought to engage with Bell Hooks—a great professor and pedagogue who could...

Understanding School Ethos: A View from a Krishnamurti School

Schools are spaces where we must understand ourselves and others as mutually interdependent & in relationship to one another and to the world we inhabit.

From Pedagogic Theory to Living Practice: Walking with Children of Shiksha Swaraj

Is it possible to see education beyond schools and coaching centres? Or, is it possible to break the wall of separation, and invite the marginalized to the realm of creative and life-affirming education?

Creative Pedagogy and Innovative Learning in Adverse Situations

There is an urgent need to rethink teaching-learning especially at a time when it ends up alienating students and depriving them of the happiness and pleasure that must ideally accompany the educational pursuit.

Alternative Education is Not Mere Decorum

In this thought provoking article— based on a lecture delivered by the author at Lady Shri Ram College, DU—Professor Avijit Pathak has pleaded for a radical departure from the fundamentals of a violent/hierarchical society and its faulty pattern of education.

Finding Ways to Child Friendly Assessment

The present education system lays central importance on examinations depriving learners the opportunity to unfold their potential in innovative styles. Can we rethink assessment to suit the demands of the learner?

Performing Arts in Creative Pedagogy

The evolution of pedagogy and the constant process of reinventing oneself to meet the challenges of a holistic education are central concerns of every pedagogue. It is in this context that the performing arts play such an important role, let us explore how.

Recalling J. Krishnamurti in the Times of Student Unrest By Ananya Das

Recalling J. Krishnamurti in the Times of Student Unrest J. Krishnamurt was an Indian philosopher, thinker and speaker who made a valuable contribution to the...

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