Monday, July 4, 2022

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Ambedkar Called for the Annihilation of Caste but Today Caste is Annihilating Young Ambedkars...

An extraordinary leader's life and times have been captured in this remarkable yet simply written book with an emphasis on aspects of his human side rather than his political trajectory.

Ambedkar vs. Hindu Nationalism: The Politics of Appropriation

When the Indian Constitution was adopted in January 1950, B.R. Ambedkar stated that India was entering a life of contradictions for he believed that political equality alone is not a sufficient condition for social and economic democracy.

Living Amidst Fear: The Tyranny of Power

VIEWPOINT In this penetrating piece the author has reflected on the implications of the all-pervading psychology of fear; yet, as he indicates, nothing can eradicate the human will to resist the tyranny of power. Avijit Pathak 

From Ambedkar Statues to Karpoori Thakur Roads

POLITICS As the BJP government decides to name at least one road in each district of the state after Karpoori Thakur, we witness yet another manifestation of instrumental politics that refuses to go beyond the symbolism of iconography.

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