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Azim Premji University

Professors from Azim Premji University Say, “State Repression is Vengeful and Deeply Concerning”

APU teachers and students have issued a statement condemning “undemocratic” curtailment of dissent in JNU.

Proposed Urban Employment Scheme and the Need for Minimum Wage Guarantee

EMPLOYMENT Azim Premji University’s research body producing proposal towards minimum employment guarantee in Indian small towns. The New Leam Staff Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections...

Exploring Tagore’s Love, Longing and Humanity

Rabindranath Tagore experienced tremendous pain and emotional turmoil when several intimate people including his children passed away before his eyes. The existential pain accompanied by a true sense of cosmic interconnectedness encouraged the artistic Tagore to unleash his tremendous constructive resources in the form of paintings, poetry, stories and the building of a school where learning gained an altogether new meaning.

Visual Literacy is Fundamental to Teacher Education Curriculum

Educating the educator makes the crucial component of education and when one effectively exposes oneself to the domain of visual literacy; it becomes a source of empowerment in making sense of the young learner’s world. Manoj Kumar

Educating for a More Sustainable Tomorrow By Nimesh Ved, Radha Gopalan and Suresh Jones

PARADIGM SHIFT Educating for a More Sustainable Tomorrow The ecological crisis is at its peak and calls us to take up the shared responsibility for transformation....

Conversation With Prof. Amman Madan

As Professor Amman Madan converses with us and recalls the intellectual trajectory he has passed through we realize the significance of the role he plays as a pedagogue. His reflections on critical pedagogy and its epistemological roots, his deep awareness of the emergent challenge because of the changing cultural landscape in the neo-liberal world, his observations on the ethos of reading and learning in a digital world, and above all, his refusal to accept fatalism give us hope in the art of possibilities.

Integrative Education for Sustainability By Chitra Ravi, Sandhya Tenetti and Harini Nagendra

PERSPECTIVE Integrative Education for Sustainability Orienting education towards sustainability provides a transformative experience involving a fundamental change in the way we look at the world. The...

POLICY MAKERS: Meeting the Inclusion Agenda: Taking the Matter into Our Own Hands ...

  Only when classrooms become inclusive spaces can education become an empowering experience. Can policies alone make the difference or do we have to engage...

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