Sunday, February 28, 2021

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    The Need for Amendments in the Lockdown and a Call for Reasonable Flexibility of...

    The total lockdown in the face of coronavirus has had multiple implications for the economy and the society. The question really is whether the allocation of fund in this regard is enough to sail us through the crisis.

    Disturbing Trends in School Education: An Agenda of Concerns

    School education is of such great importance for the country and its future and yet it appears that the budget support for this critical sector remains highly unsatisfactory. This is a situation that calls for remedial action on priority basis.

    Zero Budget Natural Farming is not a One-size Fits all Solution

    Zero Budget Natural Farming claims to have an almost negligible investment in farming by adopting chemical-free agriculture, drawn from traditional methods of farming.

    Government’s 100- Day Agenda for Indian Railways Begins with Privatization of Delhi Lucknow-Tejas Express

    The newly elected government has proposed a 100-Day agenda that involves privatisation of Indian Railways.

    Budget for CCTV Camera in Delhi Government Schools: Compromising Freedom of Learning

    The Budget gives 175 crore Rupees for the installation of CCTV Cameras in government schools stating the reason of precaution. The denial of classroom freedom is a concern for the teaching community.

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