Thursday, July 7, 2022


The Urgency of Listening to a Visionary’s Warnings Against Digital Dictatorship

Educator Satish Kumar’s pertinent reminder on the possibility of digital censorship strikes a chord with the pressing concerns of the contemporary world.

Why the Combination of Census and NPR Will Marginalise the Poor and Voiceless 

The Census has high error rate, combined with the NPR it will marginalise and disempower the poor even further. Its high time the imbedded paradox of the NPR is taken seriously.
Anand Patwardhan

Mumbai International Film Festival Accused of ‘Backdoor Censorship by Eminent Film-makers

On Tuesday, Film-makers Anand Patwardhan and Pankaj Rishi Kumar along with others held a press conference on alleged “backdoor censorship” and “absolute control exercised from Delhi” in the selection of films to be screened at the 16th edition of the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF 2020).

Bangladesh, Digital Censorship and the Denial of Journalistic Space

BANGLADESH / The censorship over internet and denial of press freedom are challenges that journalists and concerned citizens face in Bangladesh.

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