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The Dilemma of Bringing Up Children in Homes that Normalise Alcohol

The task of parenting is indeed challenging given a time when there is easy accessibility of alcohol, peer-pressure and enhanced normalisation of drinking both within the household and in the wider society.

Uncovering the Tragedy of Modern Childhood

Jam packed daily schedules, excessive pressure of performance and the fear of lagging behind have made modern day childhood a strain for children and adults alike.

Challenges of Intolerance and War are Crucial to Education in Our Times

BRINGING UP CHILDREN The challenges of bringing up our children in an increasingly turbulent world demand that parents and educators throughout the world unite and strive for ways to inculcate peace and brotherhood across the world.

In memory of a childhood lost in time…

We must rethink our educational practices and ask why knowledge must perpetuate injustice?  Is there a possibility where education becomes a bridge for collective growth, can we think of an education that unites us in our essential humanity beyond class, caste or race?

A Future that is better than the Present: Reminiscences of Childhood in the age...

We live in times characterised by hyper-consumerism and the dominance of the market ideology amidst these circumstances how can we cultivate a consciousness among young learners that transcends the ethos of consumption? Let us explore the theme in what follows below.

Reminiscences of Childhood in the age of consumerism

The world today is characterised by the forces of consumerism and the ethic of the market;amidst these circumstances can childhood be redefined?

On Stories, Childhood and Ecological Consciousness By Professor Avijit Pathak

On Stories, Childhood and Ecological Consciousness In this article the author rediscovers two beautiful stories and reflects on childhood and ecological consciousness in the context...

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