Friday, August 14, 2020

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    China is Sending America’s Unsolicited Packages Containing Mysterious Seeds

    Americans are receiving unsolicited shipments from China carrying unknown seeds. The government has warned people against using such seeds in any way.

    China is becoming increasingly assertive – security law in Hong Kong is just the...

    China’s enforcement of a new security law in Hong Kong marks the de facto end of the “one country, two systems” model that came...

    China could be using TikTok to spy on Australians, but banning it isn’t a...

    With a reported two billion downloads worldwide, TikTok’s Australian market is also significant. It has an estimated 1.6 million Aussie users, mostly aged 16-24 but with a growing number of older users too.

    China Claims its New Security Law Will Act as a “Sword” Over Lawbreakers’ Heads

    Will China’s new security law curb freedom and political resistance in the semi-autonomous city of Hong-Kong?

    To ‘Safeguard Interests’, India Bans TikTok Along with Fifty-Seven Chinese Applications

    Chinese video-sharing and social media application TikTok along with several other applications have been banned in India according to an interim order by the government.

    America Reviews Global Force Posture as Indo-Chinese Conflict Amplifies

    As Indo-Chinese tensions grow, US is reviewing its global force posture in order to help India counter Chinese threats.

    Nepal is caught in the middle of India-China border tensions

    Amid the latest tensions between India and China, Nepal is furious that its own border dispute with India could be sidelined.
    Ladakh, India.

    China Continues Military Build-Up in Eastern Ladakh Close to LAC

    China has continued to work on its military build-up in Eastern Ladakh near the LAC.
    National Flag of INDIA and CHINA.

    Decoding the India-China Standoff

    The escalating tensions between India and China point towards estranged political ties between the two countries. But what will the coming weeks bring about?

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