Thursday, May 26, 2022


Video | Savarkar, Bharat Ratna and Assertion of Hindutva: A Conversation with Historian Rakesh...

Sagar Dey/ The New Leam Correspondent talked to Rakesh Batabyal/Associate Professor/ Centre for Media Studies/ JNU on "Savarkar, Bharat Ratna and Assertion of Hindutva".

When will Farmer-Scientist Mangal Singh Get Justice?Despite growing global pollution, why is India negating...

The following piece is based on an engaged conversation between Bharat Dogra and eminent scientist Mangal Singh. Mangal Singh came up with the Mangal Turbine which is capable of reducing GHG emissions to a great extent. Despite his great innovation, he continues to remain a victim of neglect and injustice.

An Imaginary Conversation Between M.K.Gandhi and Herbert Marcuse

In this experimental piece of writing, Professor Avijit Pathak brings Gandhi and Herbert Marcuse together; and this blend of Gandhi's philosophy and the gem of critical theory helps us to see the possibility of a dialogue which is needed for a comprehensive undersatanding of our times - modernity, capitalism, social control and violence.

Conversation with Dr. Soumyabrata Choudhary :On the Aesthetics of Theater and Rethinking Pedagogic...

On the Aesthetics of Theater  : Rethinking Pedagogic Practices In conversation with Dr. Soumyabrata  Choudhary. We discovered the inherent potential of theater for creative learning. Why is it...

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