Monday, June 27, 2022

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The Woes of India’s Migrant Workers: Long Journeys, No Options 

With no money, food and even fewer options, migrant workers crammed into buses or walked for days to get back to their native villages. But many of them are now stranded in quarantine wards at the state borders. 

India’s Satellite Launch Fails:  Why Do We have Misplaced Concerns?

India’s eight regional satellite failed to launch on Thursday and it is time for the nation to reflect whether we indeed have misplaced priorities as a nation. In a context where natural disasters, political violence, judicial negligence and lack of human dignity define the times what really should the nation focus on?

When should the nation mourn the death of a tree?

We kill trees. We destroy the ecosystem. The master narrative of development justifies and even sanctifies this violence. Should we allow it to happen , or think of a new practice?

The Teacher’s Role in Innovative Social Science Teaching

Here is an article that explores the possibility of critical pedagogy: a mode of teaching-learning that makes social science reflexive, illuminating and life enriching.


SAY ‘NO’ TO “SMART CITIES”  Here is a reflexive piece that interrogates the idea of ‘smart’ cities, and pleads for the recovery of the...

Revisiting Henry David Thoreau’s Walden in the era of smart-cities

Revisiting Henry David Thoreau’s Walden in the era of smart-cities The New Leam wants its readers to see this convergence of ideas, and reflect on...

In search of Gandhian Alternatives to Development in Our Times –...

We live at a time that is characterized by growing discontent with the contemporary model of ruthless development and a search for alternatives that...

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