Tuesday, May 24, 2022


The Paradox of Online Courses: A Teacher’s Experiences During a Refresher Course

A teacher shares his experiences while attending an online refresher course, highlighting the ironies and hardships of the online mode of educational dissemination.

Children in Public Schools Were Completely Neglected by the Agenda of Digital Education, And...

It is perhaps one of the greatest paradoxes of our times that we are unable to provide an access to quality education and learning...

The Urgency of Listening to a Visionary’s Warnings Against Digital Dictatorship

Educator Satish Kumar’s pertinent reminder on the possibility of digital censorship strikes a chord with the pressing concerns of the contemporary world.
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Teachers Amid Changing Societal Perceptions and Why Virtual Classrooms Can’t Replace Real Ones

Online teaching is becoming the new fad but it can possibly never match up to the vibrancy and effectiveness of the real classroom.

Issues of Accessibility and Resultant Discrepancies Amid Growing Trends of Digitalisation in Education

The pandemic has deepened the divide between the affluent and the marginalised through the extensive use of digitalised classroom technologies.

Poverty, Illiteracy and Disease: Compulsive Digitalization is No Solution

Digitalization as a compulsive strategy shall only prove alienating and disastrous in a milieu where infrastructural development is scarce and public readiness is incomplete. Denial of basic resources and facilities in the absence of adequate familiarity to these strategies can often prove threating to the very welfare of the system and its people. Can we strive towards a more inclusive strategy? Minakshi Yadav

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