Monday, May 10, 2021

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    The Controversy with Asbestos Legislation – Where Are We Today?

    There are tens of thousands of deaths from asbestos-related illnesses in the U.S. each year and not just from working with asbestos products but also by secondary exposure.So why hasn't Asbestos been banned so far?
    Tuberculosis Deaths

    India is Reporting Lesser Tuberculosis Deaths Owing to Diversion of Resources to COVID-19 Mitigation...

    Owing to diversion of manpower and resources to the COVID-19 mitigation program, lower reportage of TB associated deaths is a point of critical concern for the country.
    Indigenous communities in coronavirus

    Why self-determination is vital for Indigenous communities to beat coronavirus

    In 1788-89, Indigenous communities had to deal with a devastating smallpox epidemic. Since then, Aboriginal people have endured wave after wave of introduced diseases. The European invaders brought with them venereal diseases, colds and influenza, tuberculosis, measles and more.
    Tablighi Jamaat

    Defending the Indefensible: A Response to Dr. Farooqi’s Rejoinder

    The following article is part of an ongoing debate on the Nizamuddin Markaz issue and a response to a recent rejoinder to Prof. Rohit Dhankar’s article on the matter. 

    Three graphs that show a global slowdown in COVID-19 deaths

    In recent weeks, the registration of deaths has hopefully been faster than this; but additionally, the definition of what a death associated with COVID-19 is, has changed over the preceding weeks. The sources of data, however, tend to be very similar, including the data used here.
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    Societal Stigma Affects the Treatment of a Health Problem: The Growing Case of Leprosy...

    India accounts for 60% of new leprosy cases detected in the world in 2017. While Bihar has recorded the maximum number of such cases, the challenge is to eradicate the roots of this disease along with the social stigma attached.

    Dengue Outbreak Hits India Again, Several Deaths Reported

    For the past ten years, the number of dengue cases are gradually increasing in India. Unplanned urbanization is one of the major contributing factor.

    Arsenic Pollution and Growing Cases of Cancer in India

    HEALTH / Public health in India is drastically impacted by the presence of arsenic contaminated water. This leads to widespread disease and ailment in the Ganga planes primarily impacting the states of Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha.

    Kerala on Nipah virus (NiV) Infection alert

    HEALTH Nipah Virus cases have been reported from Kerala and several people have died. Government initiated action is significant to address the issue.

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