Tuesday, March 9, 2021


    Beekeeping empowers women, brings in honey and lush kitchen gardens

    From Maharashtra to Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh a network of more than nine hundred women are working as beekeepers, to improve rural incomes and create sustainability.

    Return of indigenous crops helps reduce farm distress and restore ecosystems

    In villages in Odisha, tribal communities have returned to indigenous varieties of seeds which yield crops that are better suited to the impacts of the changing climate.

    Why Fragile Ecosystems Are a Result of the Inhuman Act

    A polar bear in the Canadian Arctic was filmed starving to death by a team working on climate change in that area. With ecosystems rapidly altering due to global increments in temperature we may soon be heading towards an unprecedented crisis. Mark Johnson

    When should the nation mourn the death of a tree?

    We kill trees. We destroy the ecosystem. The master narrative of development justifies and even sanctifies this violence. Should we allow it to happen , or think of a new practice?

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