Thursday, June 30, 2022


The Code on Wages 2019: To what extent does it helps the Indian worker?

India has a new code to simplify law on minimum wages but it doesn’t give workers any real benefit. It provides no guidelines to account for minimum consumption by households, despite Supreme Court rulings on this.

Nationwide Bank Strike Affects Transactions Across the Nation

While banking operations are expected to be hit due to the strike, many banks, including branches of State Bank of India (SBI) are likely to remain open.

Jet Airways Employees: Do You Realize Our Shared Destiny?

COMMENTARY / " Before joining my husband at the protest, I was at AIIMS where my mother is battling cancer. The government will keep our hope alive till polls and then the company will be shut. Whatever is being said is an eyewash."

Nation- Wide Bank Strike Hits Significant Services

More than 10 lakh bank employees across the nation have gone on strike opposing the merger of public sector banks and their growing dissatisfaction with wages.

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