Saturday, May 15, 2021

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    The Plight of the Individual in Modern Society

    Here is an insightful passage from Carl Jung's well-known work,The Undiscovered Self.

    The Art of Living with Gautam Buddha and Jesus Christ

    With the extraordinary elasticity of consciousness, Thich Nhat Hanh inspires us to see beyond religious boundaries, walk with Gautam Buddha and Jesus Christ, and live with the abundance of love and kindness.

    The Sublime Prayers of Redemption

    At this moment of psychic bewilderment and statistics of death, the poet’s sublime prayers enchant our souls, and make us feel the rhythm of life and death

    EXCERPT | Viewing Yourself As Like an Illusion

    In an age that worships the cult of narcissism—say, the belief that “I” am the doer, or “I” exist in my power, wealth and status, it is important to be reminded of the illusory nature of this “I” and its impermanence.

    Buddha is Here…

    As we celebrate Buddha Purnima, The New Leam chooses to share with the readers the extraordinarily illuminating messages of mindfulness Thich Nhat Hanh conveyed in the process of his teaching. Yes, Buddha is here. Are we prepared to find Him?

    Unity or Partition: The Final Week of the Mahatma’s Life

    The state of the nation tends to indicate that we have not yet been able to combat the politics of communal division and hatred that led to the traumatic Partition. Under these circumstances, historical memories teach us a couple of lessons.

    Stop, Look, Listen…

    At a time when the pandemic has further intensified the psychology of fear and separation, our insulated existence is moving towards insanity. Is it possible to be introspective, and take up the challenge of relationship? Steven Harrison makes us think. What he pleads for, it seems, is truly therapeutic—beyond fear and separation.

    On Solitude and the Grace of Simple Living

    As the Coronavirus compels us to withdraw from the outer world—its speed and market-driven pleasures, is it possible to realize the beauty of solitude? Is it possible to live with rhythmic simplicity? Is it possible to regain what in our hurried life we miss? Possibly, Henry David Thoreau’s experiment can teach us some important lessons.
    Kahil Gibran

    When My Sorrow was Born

    At this moment of despair when the Coronavirus haunts our collective consciousness, Kahil Gibran’s prophetic words take us to the interiority of our inner selves. It is therapeutic. Life acquires a new meaning—beyond the statistics of death.
    Amman Madan, Education and Modernity: Some Sociological Perspectives, Eklavya, Bhopal, 2019    

    Commodification of Education and Politics of Knowledge Production

    Professor Amman Madan is a leading educationist in the country. His recent book on education and modernity is filled with nuanced arguments and sociological sensibilities. With its clarity and lucidity, it engagse the readers. Here is an important excerpt from the text; it raises critical questions relating to the growing commodification of education in our times.

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