Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Why the Government Should Take Immediate Steps to Resolve the Demands of Protesting Farmers

The farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have come together and collected at the Capital to stage a protest against the contentious farm laws which they allege are against the interests of the farming community in India.
Farmers protesting against the recently passed farm laws.

A Trust-Deficit and Sustained Disillusionment Form the Heart of the Farmers Protest in Delhi

A ruptured relationship and a trust deficit towards the government is being reflected by the protesting farmers, but will the Centre be forced to bow down to more demands than it initially may have planned to? 

Centre Needs Time for Internal Discussion, Negotiations to Go On

Centre-farmer meetings have remained inconclusive so far as the later continues to remain adamant in its demand for the total repealing of the recently passed farms laws.

Protesting Farmers Demand Scrapping of Farm Laws and Threaten to Block More Roads in...

Protesting farmers threaten to block more roads in Delhi if their demands are not heard by the Centre and the newly passed farm laws are not repealed.

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