Saturday, May 15, 2021

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    Bihar farmers take up makhana farming to cope with weather uncertainties

    o cope up with the weather-related uncertainties, farmers in Bihar are taking up climate resilient crops such as makhana (foxnut) which they say are more suitable for the region.

    Flash droughts set to increase in India, finds study

    Flash droughts are droughts that intensify more rapidly than normal, posing a risk to agriculture, ecosystems and water availability.

    Why Improvements in Farming and Food Sector Are So Important?

    Given the critical importance of food for survival and human existence, the need to usher in much needed reforms in the food and agriculture sector is the call of the hour, failing which, we all could be moving towards a major crisis in future.

    From Strengthening the Immune System to Being a Rich Source of Fibre: B Vitamins...

    The article discusses the possibilities of incorporating nutrients like vitamin B-complex and offers a myriad of options from green vegetables to whole grains which can provide the important nutrient.
    Poverty and joblessness plague India unlike ever before as people struggle to make the two ends meet.

    Minorities, STs and SCs Experience Drastic Decline in Food Consumption After Lockdown: Survey

    A report shows how communities like the Adivasis, STs, SCs and minorities experienced a prolonged reduction in food consumption in a post-lockdown India.

    The Paradox of Empty Stomachs and Packed Godowns

    With overstocked granaries and a food backup beyond the essential norms, the existence of rampant hunger is paradoxical.

    Good nutrition can contribute to keeping COVID-19 and other diseases away

    The connection between the pandemic and our dietary habits is undeniable. The stress of isolation coupled with a struggling economy has caused many of...

    Constant dieters might be choosing the wrong way to lose weight

    The big idea Dieters looking for a healthier substitute of their favorite high-fat food – such as a bag of potato chips – typically have...

    Village-Level Food Processing as Key to Rural Livelihoods and Nutrition

    Mechanisms to empower food processing at the village level can effectively aid rural livelihoods and nutrition.

    Nagaland is More Than Dog Meat, Does Mainstream India Care to Know?

    The Nagaland government has put a ban on the import and sale of dog meat which has been a delicacy in the region, infuriating the Naga community and deepening its tensions with mainstream India.

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