Saturday, November 28, 2020

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    The Paradox of Empty Stomachs and Packed Godowns

    With overstocked granaries and a food backup beyond the essential norms, the existence of rampant hunger is paradoxical.

    From Strengthening the Immune System to Being a Rich Source of Fibre: B Vitamins...

    The article discusses the possibilities of incorporating nutrients like vitamin B-complex and offers a myriad of options from green vegetables to whole grains which can provide the important nutrient.

    Good nutrition can contribute to keeping COVID-19 and other diseases away

    The connection between the pandemic and our dietary habits is undeniable. The stress of isolation coupled with a struggling economy has caused many of...

    Constant dieters might be choosing the wrong way to lose weight

    The big idea Dieters looking for a healthier substitute of their favorite high-fat food – such as a bag of potato chips – typically have...

    Village-Level Food Processing as Key to Rural Livelihoods and Nutrition

    Mechanisms to empower food processing at the village level can effectively aid rural livelihoods and nutrition.

    Nagaland is More Than Dog Meat, Does Mainstream India Care to Know?

    The Nagaland government has put a ban on the import and sale of dog meat which has been a delicacy in the region, infuriating the Naga community and deepening its tensions with mainstream India.

    “No One Should Die of Starvation When the Godowns are Overflowing” Say Right to...

    The PDS system often leaves out the undocumented poor but the universalisation of the scheme could prevent starvation deaths in times of the pandemic.

    Sharp Population Reduction in Honeybees Endangers Food Security and Biodiversity

    Rapid fall in the population of honeybees across the world is a threat to ecological balance and bio-diversity.

    PM’s Decision on Extending Free Food Grain Supply is Welcome, But More Reforms in...

    PM Narendra Modi announced the extension of PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana till November, helping over 80 crore people to avail 5 kg free food grains.

    Does vitamin D ward off coronavirus? Don’t reach for the supplements yet

    Vitamin D concentrations are lower in people with obesity, those with high blood pressure or diabetes and in those who smoke. It can be stored in fat cells, thus reducing the circulating concentration in the blood.

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