Thursday, June 30, 2022


We Have More Than 100 Bits of Plastic in Food

Household dust can have plastic content that people consume.

PDS in Tamil Nadu: A Search for Alternatives

The article explores the many possibilities and limitations to the PDS system in the state of Tamil Nadu and tries to look for alternatives that are better suited to the needs of the present times and give adequate benefits to the state. Mahendran Arumugam

Commoditised womanhood, Hyper-Aggressive Masculinities and the Myth of an Altered World

Can fragmented realities have a common source and will it be possible to alter the social landscape in a milieu where we refuse to take responsibility- the article explores the several layers of contemporary living and enables us to see the roots of conflict that are breaking us apart. Nutan Upadhyay

As McDonald’s Outlets Shut down across the Capital We Revisit a Time When People...

As many of the popular McDonald’s outlets shut down in the city, we rediscover the once vibrant local food stall at the corner of the street- and revisit a time where people ‘connected’ without Social Networks.

  Not Just the Question of Beef or Pork

We often find ourselves trapped in a nasty conflict caused by the politics of communal divide, and it limits our vision, our ability to raise the issues that really matter.

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