Friday, May 7, 2021

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    Efficient Marketing is the Key to Maximising Farmers’ Income, says Experts

    Besides improved technology for assured and maximum production, efficient marketing is the yardstick for maximising the margins in the markets.

    Health/Unmeasured burden: Drug-resistance in farm animals threatens human health in India

    Experts stressed on a nation-wide surveillance system for monitoring AMR in animals. The burden of AMR in livestock and food animals has been poorly documented in India.

     Climate Change/Is The Way We Consume Our Food Impacting Our Environment?

    A small chocolate bar takes 21 litres of water to be produced while contributing to greenhouse gases in our environment. Are we consuming sustainably? It's time to rethink.

    Bridging Diversity through the Story of the Indian Pickle

    From an ancient Kannada text to the chronicles of Ibn Battuta we find the overwhelming mention of pickles as an integral aspect of Indian culinary practices.

    Food Insecurity: It’s Impact on Child and Human Development

    Food scarcity is the emerging crisis that India as a nation is likely to be impacted with in the near future. If the nation-state does not pay attention to it, there will be immense adverse consequences.

    Whim of the Wealthy or Shared Choice: The Debate over Veganism

    Paradoxically enough, in spite of the ecologically beneficial and healthy lifestyle which veganism has to offer, why should it continue to be the choice of the elite?

    Denial wouldn’t help us Fight Starvation Deaths

    Activists have time and again warned the nation state of starvation deaths but the sheer denial of its existence on the part of the government adds to the collective agony.

    Eggs in Mid-Day Meals amid Assertive Food Politics

    POLITICS OF FOOD The debate over whether mid-day meals should be vegetarian or non-vegetarian has become part of the larger politics around food in the nation. The Odisha government plans to serve eggs as part of the mid-day meal but will it receive a national resistance?

    Food democracy: why eating is unavoidably political

    FOOD Corporate control of the global seed sector is one symptom of an undemocratic food system that favours transnational agribusinesses.

    Vegan diet: how your body changes from day one

    FOOD For those who have pursued a diet rich in meat and dairy for most of their lives, embarking on a vegan diet can lead to significant changes within the body.

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