Tuesday, May 24, 2022


‘Black Lives Matter’ Painted Outside Trump Tower, NewYork City Mayor Helps

New Your City mayor and his wife, Chirlane McCray help protestors  paint a popular slogan against hatred and discrimination and inscribe ‘ Black Lives...

Status of Christopher Columbus Pulled-Down by Anti-Racism Protesters in Baltimore

Baltimore’s Columbus statue gets dumped in the harbor pic.twitter.com/ZwuNcqAH6d — J. M. Giordano photo (@jmgpix) July 5, 2020 During anti-racism protests in Baltimore, Maryland, a statue...
George Floyd

George Floyd protests aren’t just anti-racist – they are anti-authoritarian

I see something more in this wave of American protests, too. As a sociologist specializing in Latin America’s human rights movements and policing, I see a pro-democracy movement of the sort more common south of the border.

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