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inequality in india

The Violence Embedded in Liberalism and the Complexity of a Modernist Utopia

The following piece deals with an in-depth understanding of the culture of systematic violence engrained in contemporary liberalism.
WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu

What Donald Trump’s funding cuts to WHO mean for the world

The US contributes more than US$400 million to the WHO per year, though it is already US$200 million in arrears. It is the organisation’s largest donor and gives about 10 times what China does per year

Looking Beyond Corona Phobia: Some Harsh Lessons in Economy

The outbreak of the Covid-19 has wrecked havoc on the world economy and brought before us unprecedented challenges that we must face collectively.
World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum Report Highlights India’s Plaguing Inequality

The WEF Report says that it will take seven generations of Indian poor to reach even the mean income.

Intense Water Scarcity Amplifies Water Related Violence Globally in Last Decade

In the last ten years, water shortage and extreme weather conditions caused high tensions, specifically in the Middle East and India.

Bangladesh Stabilises Growth Rate of 7%, Indian Economy Faces Slowdown

World Bank projects 5% growth rate for India. Points at staggering economic growth and decline in the Indian market.

The trajectory of Make in India so far

In this article, the author evaluated the implications of certain political decisions on our economy, and retrospect on the dream of Make in India provided to us by our prime minister a long time ago.

The Anguish of a Class XII Student :The Crisis in Indian Economy

As a youngster, the ongoing economic slowdown puts my future at stake.

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