Monday, June 27, 2022

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Gujarat High Court

Dying of Starvation a Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus Itself: Gujarat HC’s Word of Advice...

The Gujarat HC highlighted the horrendous plight of thousands of migrant workers and appealed for the revival of the ‘humane touch’ amid the crisis.

Hindu-Muslim in Times of COVID-19: Patients Separated on Basis of Religious Affiliation 

Patients being treated for COVID-19 at a Gujarat hospital are being allotted different wards based on religious affiliations.

Ahmedabad Slum Dwellers Face Eviction as City is “Beautified” Ahead of Donald Trump’s India...

American President Donald Trump and PM Narendra Modi will share the stage at Motera stadium, Ahmedabad. For a beautification measure, 45 families from a nearby slum have been served eviction notices.

Ahmedabad School Asks Students to Send Pro-CAA Postcards to PM

Students of a school in Gujarat are being made to write postcards congratulating the PMO for introducing the CAA.

A Delicate Weave: folk singers from Western India celebrate diversity in the face of...

A Delicate Weave (Jhini Bini Chadariya), a documentary film set in Kachchh, Gujarat.

Selfie Death,Mob Lynching Termed Man-Made Disaster by Gujarat Textbook

Gujarat schools claim selfie deaths and lynchings are just man-made disasters .

A Quick Glimpse of the Flood Situation

Incessant rainfall has affected Maharashtra and Gujarat with several rivers flowing above danger mark.

School Students Take Hygiene to the Community:The Story of a Humble School in Junagadh,...

FROM THE FIELD / There is a widespread feeling that government schools are not well-maintained, particularly so in villages. But many government schools are breaking this image with significant improvements.

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