Monday, July 4, 2022


When Quacks Dominate the Medical Landscape then Ailment Prevails

MEDICAL SYSTEM In the absence of qualified doctors and proper medical infrastructure many quacks or fake doctors have begun to play with the lives of innocent people. In a context like this, can we readdress the question of brain drain, private monopoly over health sector and the growing disparity of medical infrastructure in the country? Nishant Upadhyay

Woman Denied Abortion: Condemn Mandatory Linking of Aadhar to Healthcare

A 28 year old was denied abortion facility when she failed to produce her Aadhar card while an elderly woman was denied access to grains at a local PDS outlet as she did not have access to the Aadhar card. The compulsive linking of the document to basic healthcare schemes has meant the denial of fundamental facilities to many who have still not had access to it: amidst this situation several important politico-ethical questions must be raised and the severity of the situation must be scrutinised.

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