Friday, August 14, 2020

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    Lockdown Compromised on Women’s Reproductive and Mental Health, Says PFI Study

    A study by Population Foundation of India(PFI)surveyed women across Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and found out about the reproductive and menstrual issues that they faced amid the lockdown.

    Enslaved people’s health was ignored from the country’s beginning, laying the groundwork for today’s...

    Some critics of Black Lives Matter say the movement itself is racist. Their frequent counterargument: All lives matter. Lost in that view, however, is...

    Not Wearing a Mask if Better Than Wearing a Valved One: What Medical Experts...

    Usage of masks with valves has been discouraged by the medical fraternity, find out why N95 makes aren’t effective in the fight against coronavirus.

    Gated Communities & Residential Complexes Given New Guidelines by Health Ministry

    From sanitisers and social distancing to early reporting and fighting of stigma attached to Covid patients, the Ministry of Health has come up with a set of new guidelines for residential complexes.
    Science in Coronavirus pandemic

    Madhya Pradesh, Bihar & Telangana Show High Coronavirus Vulnerability According to Lancet Study

    As the whole country is presently trying to strengthen efforts towards controlling and containing the spread of the coronavirus infection, the latest study from...

    Does your face mask protect you or other people?

    Should we wear face masks? We tell our children to cover their mouths when they cough, so when we cannot predict who may or...

    Maskne: Acne & Breakouts Due to Prolonged Usage of Masks Can be Treated, Here’s...

    While wearing masks may be mandatory, it is important to deal with skin problems or Maskne that may be caused due to sweating and friction inside it.

    Lockdown Forces 1.85 Million Indian Women to Carry on With an Unwanted Pregnancy

    1.85 million Indian women couldn’t access an abortion during lockdown.

    With boiler blast, the Neyveli power station becomes a fiery grave

    The thermal power station in Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, suffered a boiler blast resulting in the death of 13 workers who were involved in a routine maintenance operation.

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