Sunday, December 5, 2021


America’s Prisons Are Outrageously Unjust and Need Immediate Attention

If America really values freedom and respects human rights, its high time it rethinks and corrects outrageous injustice in the name of prison laws.
Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Highlights/ With 69,878 new COVID-19 Cases, India’s Tally Nears 30 Lakh

India recorded 69, 878 new coronavirus cases on Saturday and the total number of infections is now close to 30 lakh. The death toll has risen to 55,794 and 2.1M have recovered so far, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Coronavirus Highlights/ Bihar Government Allegedly Lacks COVID-19 Testing Facilities, Testing Not frequent Enough

India has recorded 69,652 new coronavirus cases and the total number of infections has now reached to 28 lakh-mark . The death toll has risen to...

Will NEP’s Decision to End Compartmentalisation of Education into Science, Commerce and Humanities Change...

Breaking free of an obsession with compartmentalisation of knowledge systems, the NEP 2020 allows for a multidisciplinary, flexible and creative approach to learning in Indian schools.

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