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Communal disharmony is a deeply entrenched part of the Indian reality, what can we do to fix it?/ Image:Pixabay

Part 2/When the Denial Hurts more than the Destruction

Irked by continuous vilification of Hindu-dharma and denial of historical atrocities, a significant section of Hindus refuse to submit to the strictly controlled intellectual and academic order that the politically, economically and intellectually powerful elite has created in the form of control on education and the media. The piece discusses this issue.

The Intermeshing Histories of a Nation and a School

In his latest book, 'The Modern School (1920-2020)' historian Rakesh Batabyal takes us on an engaging historical journey where we find the pasts of a nation and a school meshing beautifully into one another.

10,000 Year Old Preserved Mammoth Uncovered from Siberian Lake

Scientists in Siberia have found the remains of a 10,000 year old wooly mammoth. This will pave way for further research into its anatomy, diet and climatic conditions that caused its death.

Ancient History & Lessons in Compassion for the Pandemic

The following article looks at history to search for answers to some of the most pressing questions that the whole of humankind is faced with amid the pandemic.

Shillings, gods and runes: clues in language suggest a Semitic superpower in ancient northern...

Remember when Australians paid in shillings and pence? New research suggests the words for these coins and other culturally important items and concepts are...

Celebrating the Struggles and Stories of the LGBTQ Community: A History of the ‘Pride...

Every year during the month of June, the LGBTQ community celebrates Pride Month to peacefully protest and raise political awareness on current issues facing the community.
Plague sufferers being disinfected in Karachi,

India’s initial coronavirus response carried echoes of the colonial era

Leading economists are pointing out that the Indian government’s relief package to the poor is thoroughly inadequate, with many falling through the cracks.

CAA and a Resistance to the Majoritarian Discourse Around the ‘Northeast Frontier’ and Beyond

This is an article looking at the complex intersections of democracy, resistance and the emerging new trends in India’s political history.

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