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    What Lies Behind the Failure of PESA: India’s Greatest Initiative to Empower Tribal Communities

    The article discusses why the PESA despite being such an important step to empower tribal communities in the nation failed to fulfil its expectations.

    Education to Achieve Social Justice and Equality:A commentary on NEP 2020

    The following article looks at the NEP 2020 and its potential for generating social justice and equality.
    The Maguri beel in upper Assam has been the main source of food and sustenance for the people who live around it. Photo by Jitendra Raj Bajracharya/ICIMOD.

    Sustainability of Brahmaputra basin needs transboundary cooperation

    The article underlines the need for trans-border cooperation to revive and sustain the Brahmaputra.

    126 Nobel Laureates Issue Timely Warning on Crucial Issues, Fail to Address Significant...

    The article discusses the recent statement issued by several noted Nobel Laureates of the world.
    A lonely child sleeping on the pavement/TNL Archives

    Understanding the Crisis of India’s ‘COVID-Orphans’

    The massive impact of the pandemic has left countless children orphaned, can we choose to turn a blind-eye to their pathological state and resultant vulnerability?

    Rural Internet Connectivity in India: Gaps and Challenges 

    The article looks at the crisis of poor internet connectivity in rural India and how this impacts its prospects and connectivity to the outside world especially amid the COVID-19.
    A healthcare worker performs a nasal swab as he tests a woman for COVID-19 in Bamako, Mali. Annie Risemberg/AFP via Getty Images

    Why a lot Depends on How a Diseases and Various Health Problems Are Presented 

    Projections accompanied by information available on the internet shape to a great extent how a disease comes to be perceived such has been the case with the COVID-19 pandemic as well.
    Environmentalist Sundarlal Bahuguna with activists at Tehri/Wikimedia Commons

    Will the Government Honor Sunderlal Bahuguna’s Vision for the Himalayan Region?

    The Government of India and the Uttarakhand state government have been prompt and generous in their homage to the great environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna who passed away recently but will they honor his vision for the Himalayan region?
    Representative image only/Source:Pixabay

    As Cyclone Threat Increases, Enhanced Preparedness is Key to Minimised Loss

    We are still in the middle of recovering from Cyclone Tauktae on the western side of our long coast, and now we have to also prepare for meeting the challenge of Cyclone Yaas on the eastern side, the article discusses the predominant challenges.
    Bittu Sahgal started the publication Sanctuary Asia in 1981, after being involved with India’s tiger conservation efforts in the 1970s. Photo from Sanctuary Nature Foundation.

    Bittu Sahgal: “Young people want to protect the environment, but don’t have their hands...

    Bittu Sahgal is among India’s pioneering conservation and environment journalists, who started the publication of Sanctuary Asia in 1981, after being involved with India’s tiger conservation efforts in the 1970s.

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