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How Effective is the Union Budget 2021-22 in Terms of its Offerings to Women and...

The article below examines the effectiveness of the Budget in terms of its offerings to the women and child sectors.

As India’s COVID crisis worsens, leaders play the blame game while the poor suffer...

The need of the hour is for the nation-state to show decisive leadership in not only controlling the surge of the virus, but also providing financial assistance to millions of urban poor and making arrangements for them such that they can survive the pandemic with dignity.
An indigenous man and child featured in the documentary. Image by Michael Clark/Gravitas Ventures.

Amazon ‘Tribes on the Edge’: Q&A with documentary filmmaker Céline Cousteau

Tribes on the Edge is a documentary produced by CauseCentric Productions, it has been directed and co-written by Céline Cousteau.The documentary explores the themes of land threats, health crises, and human rights issues of indigenous peoples.

The Gandhian Concept of Swadeshi and Why its Strikes a Greater Chord Today

The concept of swadeshi played an important role in the freedom movement in India in opposing colonial exploitation, but as was emphasized by Mahatma Gandhi even then, we should also look at this concept in terms of its continuing relevance even after the end of colonial rule.

After early success, India’s daily COVID infections have surpassed the US and Brazil. Why?

India is in the grip of a massive second wave of COVID-19 infections, and lately it has been surpassing even the United States and Brazil in terms of new daily infection, why are we losing the battle against COVID-19 again?

A Glimpse of Ecofeminism

Women and nature share the same pathological story in the neo-liberal world characterized by the logic of reckless development. It is high time that we rethink growth and progress and arrive at a more sustainable and holistic conception of modernity that is in tune with nature at large.

Book Review/ Indian Environmental History for Young Adults

We find ourselves at a time when youth activists are asking the world leaders to take action to prevent climate change, the book gives context on India’s environmental history.
The iconic thinker-philosopher Leo Tolstoy has left us with many life altering lessons.

Six Life Lessons from Leo Tolstoy

Great philosophers and thinkers take us into deep and insightful journeys of self-discovery and exploration, here is one such glimpse from the invaluable lessons that Leo Tolstoy left us with.
A research team monitored nesting sites on Little Andaman Island and tagged leatherbacks using satellite transmitters. Image by Adhith Swaminathan.

Sea turtles under threat as Indian government weighs development in Andaman Islands

Threatened bio-diversity and ecological degradation have proven to be dangerous for the turtles of Andaman according to an important report, but will we be efficient in taking remedial measures?
One of the greatest impacts of the pandemic has been on the informal economy, this has left an unprecedented negative impact on the elderly within the sector who have become more vulnerable than ever before.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on the Elderly Workforce in the Informal Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed innumerable challenges before us and among them an increased vulnerability of an aged workforce demand our urgent attention. The deteriorating and worrisome plight of the elderly especially in the informal sector needs to be given adequate attention.

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